Club Services

Free multi-club access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week means convenience and flexibility.  Train at the time that best fits YOUR schedule.  Enjoy a truly friendly and crowd free training environment without the distractions and equipment wait times of larger gyms.  At Powerflex Gym our mission is to provide excellent customer service and individual attention to each and every member.

 Additional Services:

  •  NO enrollment or initiation fees
  • Contract-free membership packages
  • Top brand free weight and cardio equipment
  • Locker room and shower facilities
  • Onsite nutritional supplements
  • Complimentary gym orientation session
  • Knowledgeable, degreed professional trainers
  • European speed tanning beds (Eubank club only)
  • Member rewards and referral programs

Pro Shop

Powerflex Gym has a full line of workout apparel available for purchase in our pro shop. Please visit us during staff hours to shop our store for our latest line of t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, hats and other Powerflex Gym gear. Support your gym and show your dedication to everyone by sporting a piece of Powerflex Gym apparel.  If you don’t see your size or color in stock just let one of our staff members know and we will be happy to order exactly what you want.

Powerflex Gym sells a full line of supplements, bars, and energy drinks at all club locations.  After you finish another great workout at any of our clubs stop off for a protein drink or bar to help replenish and energize your body.

Tanning (Eubank club only)

Powerflex Gym utilizes top of the line original Dr. Muller vertical and horizontal tanning beds.  Give your skin a deep dark tan in as little as 8 minutes while staying comfortable with revolutionary body cooling fans.

The OBLIX vertical bed utilizes 55 true 220 watt ballasts in combination with revolutionary AUVL X-Treme lamps that assures the ultimate tan. The AUVL 1.9-meter VXRV lamps featuring a UVA phosphor design will set new standards for the deepest darkest tan in a short period of time.

Tan Time – 8 minutes
6000 cfm 24” overhead fan
Sirius Radio sound system

The SunStorm LV horizontal bed is a perfect complement to the seamless tanning results delivered by its legendary performance. The bed has 44 lamps, including 4 facial 1000 watt adjustable parabolic lamps, 25 canopy 140 watt parabolic lamps, and 19 bench 160 watt reflector lamps.

Tan Time – 10 minutes
Turbo Air – Bodycooling
Optimized UV Geometry for X-treme tanning results
Thermacool – Acrylic cooling system

Personal Training

Once you become a member of Powerflex Gym you may schedule a complimentary orientation session with one of our professional trainers. Our staff and trainers are ready and willing to guide you through the proper usage of each piece of equipment—FREE OF CHARGE. Powerflex Gym has the newest, state-of-the-art equipment including pieces some members have never seen at other clubs.  Working with a personal or group fitness trainer will all but guarantee your success in any diet and exercise program you choose to begin. If you are interested in taking your body to the next level, please feel free to fill out a brief form  and one of our professional trainers will contact you immediately to set up a FREE personalized health and fitness analysis.

There are several reasons why we can guarantee results when you work with one of our Powerflex Gym trainers:

•    ACCOUNTABILITY Having regularly scheduled meetings with a personal trainer helps you make sure you get to the club on your workout days. Our personal trainers ensure each client learns to be accountable for their own training and nutrition programs on a regular basis. If you are continually being asked whether you have been completing your required cardio sessions and/or following your nutrition plan you will be more likely to adhere to a specific program thus ensuring continued progress and results. Remember, we are here to give you the individual attention you deserve!

•    EDUCATION There is a plethora of information about exercise and nutrition available to people via the internet, magazines, news reports and of course, infomercials. Unfortunately, most of the information you get from those sources is worthless or tainted with just enough truth that it sounds good. Just as you would not buy a car without test driving it first, you shouldn’t begin a workout program that you read about in a magazine. True education about fitness, nutrition and exercise actually comes from research, journal studies and practical application training that fitness professionals receive during their college coursework or during their personal training certification process. Additionally, true fitness professionals engage in continuing education constantly to stay current on the latest research and exercise techniques. Powerflex Gym’s fitness professionals will provide you with the education about proper exercise technique, program design and nutritional programming to help ensure your success.

•    MOTIVATION You will probably start your exercise program with a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement, as you should! However, there will be some days when you just do not feel like pushing yourself as hard as you should, or even coming to the club at all. An effective personal trainer will help motivate you just enough to help you get the results you want. True personal fitness professionals are not drill sergeants that will push you to the point of collapsing or yell at you to get one more rep, but they will give you the extra motivation you need to get the most out of each and every workout you complete!